Welcome to Wessex Liberal Jewish Community. As Liberal Jews we extend a sincere welcome to anyone who wishes to join us. We are egalitarian, inclusive and positively celebrate the diversity of our community. We see strength in our diversity – not weakness.

Liberal Judaism is the only flavour of Judaism in the UK that accepts the children of Jewish men as being fully Jewish. We see opportunity where others see only threat (e.g. ‘mixed marriages’). Liberal Judaism is one of the few religious groups to waive their exemption under the Equality Act 2006 (Sexual Orientation). We thrive to include where others exclude. Are you the child of a Jewish father seeking advice? We can provide rabbinical advice. Click here to contact us.

Currently Wessex Liberal Jewish Community does not have a purpose built synagogue. As we all know, communities are made up of people not bricks and mortar. Thus we have chosen to concentrate on building an actively supportive community and leave synagogue building off the agenda for now. Our services are held in one of two venues in East Dorset (one recent service included 90 congregants) or at members homes. Our aim, however, is to extend our reach beyond East Dorset to include the whole of Wessex. It is not without reason that Wessex in part of our name. We aspire to be supportive of the growth of Liberal Judaism across the Wessex region. An unintended but useful benefit of not needing to support a building is that our membership fees remain very competitive. Want to contact us? Click here.

Wessex Liberal Jewish Community is able to provide all services/mitzvot marking the passage of Jewish life – weddings and mixed-faith blessings (including same-sex); birth (brit milah and baby blessings); bar/bat mitzvah and burial. We are about to celebrate our first baby blessing; we have a cheder (click here for details) and in January we are launching a monthly social gathering, which we are determined is just the start of a vibrant social life. We have our own cemetery and are full members of the “Joint Jewish Burial Society”. We are also able to assist with conversions to Judaism. Want to contact us? Click here.

“Questing and questioning, Liberal Judaism is an authentic and modern form of Judaism, rooted in a deep and meaningful engagement with Jewish texts, values, culture and history. We are a movement with a sense of purpose, engaged in community life, study, spirituality and social action. We believe in personal freedom and responsibility and the shared and collective bonds that unite us as Jewish people and members of humanity. We actively choose to live out our  Judaism as part of a community, and welcome those who grew up as Jewish and those who, later in life, have become accepted into Judaism. We are inclusive and egalitarian, giving equal status within Judaism to those traditionally excluded. We help all our members to embark on their personal Jewish journeys. We want Judaism to be a positive, joyous and active part of our members’ lives, and for them to use it to enrich their relationships with those around them. Read: “What is Liberal Judaism?“. Want to contact us? Click here.