Student Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen

Rabbi RobynStudent Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen is our current spiritual leader and guide. She has taken over from Rabbi Dr Rene Pfertzel. We are indeed fortunate in the high quality of our leadership.

Robyn was born and raised in Manchester and was an active member of Jackson’s Row Synagogue. She taught at cheder at the synagogue for several years and was involved with RSY-Netzer. Upon finishing her A-Levels she studied at Newnham College, Cambridge for a degree in Theology & Religious Studies. After graduating Robyn spent a year working before studying to become a lawyer. She trained and subsequently qualified and worked as a solicitor at a human rights firm in London specialising in Immigration Law and Actions Against the Police. Before working as a lawyer Robyn took several months out to travel around the world and volunteer in various communities such as the Tibetan exiled community in India and the Burmese refugee community in Thailand. She is a social justice activist and involved in various charities and social action projects.

From her time in Manchester, as an 11 year old, Robyn had picked out being a Rabbi for her future career. It is only in the last couple of years that she has felt ready to take the plunge! As well as being a student rabbi and a wife she has recently become a mother.

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Reference: Leo Baeck College (with thanks).