We have a small but enthusiastic cheder, which comes together at various intervals before Shabbat morning services both at our Westbourne venue and at the home of a member.

  • We follow the Liberal Jewish curriculum.
  • In the past we had regular visits by teachers of the calibre of Rabbi Alan Mann and Rabbi Harry Jacobi. Currently we have our own allotted rabbi – Student Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen. She is assisted by a team of willing and experienced volunteer members with parental involvement.
  • We enjoy the services of a trained professional teacher.
  • Learning about Jewish life includes craft work, acting out dramatic parts, learning Jewish songs from the liturgy, and some Hebrew.

Classes for Young Children
For young children up to approximately 9-10 years old.  The venue for the next 3 months is at the home of a member. Lessons are scheduled for the following Saturdays: 5th October; 2nd November; 14th December starting 10 a.m. If this is an option that interests you, please, click here to make contact.

Pre-Bar/Batmitzvah Classes
Mainly for children aged 10-13 with little or no formal Jewish education (interested adult members may also be allowed to join in). The class will be a gradual introduction to Jewish knowledge, gentle learning of some Hebrew and about religious services. After the 2 year course the young person should be able to take his/her place as a responsible member of the Jewish community, which includes reading his/her appropriate Torah portion. Part of the course will be led by a professional teacher, and part by Rabbi Dr. Rene Pfertzel, with assistance from members of the community. If this is an option that interests you, please, click here to make contact.

So if you have the privilege and responsibility of raising a Jewish child get in touch. We might be just the community you have been looking for. Finally, if there are any issues regarding Jewish education you would like to raise but which are not dealt with on this page click here to contact us. Thank you for your interest.